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PD_Vilkija_site specific tour

Site specific tour/show

Artists working alongside the local community, with the help of Kaunas 2022 team, strolled down the streets of the contemporary Kaunas 2022 eldership of Vilkija. Long debates with representatives of local community and open artistic workshops were powerful tools in the search for the uniqueness of the town, also known as the Lithuanian Alps, to residents and guests. Everyone invited to an extraordinary imaginative stroll called "Efforts and Consequences" was introduced with the agenda of speculative Lithuanian future foundation. This tour is not a touristic one. It is a travel through time and space with a topics such an participation, democratic decisions making, critique.
The performative excursion was created by Saulė Norkutė, Dovilė Gaižauskienė, Aurimas Gaižauskas and designer Simonas Kotovas, who worked together with the residents of Vilkija for several months. Photos by M.Plepys and A.Sadauskaitė