Performative design is a hybrid field, operating with a set of socially oriented applied methodologies from various design and performative arts practices.

We are developing this approach since 2014 through a series of collaborative events and actions. We stress the importance of participation of various knowledge groups and experts in the process of the creation/co creation, which is crucial for data generation, co-constructing and distributing meanings, stories, values between the collaborators’ network. In this temporary or permanent network all groups have a shared responsibility for the outcome of the process. We seek to develop sustainable results through early involvement of stakeholders into the processes. Our backgrounds and practical expertise covers those areas: directing, movement (dance), anthropology, scenography and participatory, social, communication, contextual and performative design. As well we have an access to the other fields via the extended network of Performative design association.
Our activities inform fields of Design and Performative Arts.
Possible working methods: ethnographic and artistic research, contextual inquiry, co-design workshops, interactive scenarios and storytelling sessions.