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PD_Trust point_social initiative

In the autumn of 2019 first Trust point has emerged in Vilnius. It is an initiative that aims to foster the dialogue about trust in our societies, to critically explore how we perceive trust or mistrust, to understand how cultural activities can act as working tools for social trust building. Trust Point is a temporary, transformative, mobile space, where design and artistic tools are used to engage with the topic of trust, creating new experiences in the changing environments.

Pilot activities - public seminar and discussion, workshop days - were organised in collaboration with Tillitsverket (SE) and Emmaus Aaland (FI). During the first Trust Point series of events we employed methods creating certain space by using participatory approach and interactive activities. This certain space allowed us to have an honest dialogue about the importance of trust in our daily lives. Going deeper into the subject we discovered how trust could serve as a base facing or addressing complex problems within and as an organisation. TRUST-POINT_Teaser.pdf

Trust Point 2019